30 Dirty Would You Rather Questions to Ask Your Lover

Use these 30 dirty would-you-rather questions to have the most alluring time and know your lover better.


Questions are an enjoyable approach to pass the time, and have a couple laughs along the way.

However, the appropriate questions can be a lot a lot more than just entertaining.

They could be rather revealing, insightful and incredibly true.

They’d deny it and shuffle their feet in case you were to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend if they’d enjoy sleeping with somebody else, or if they discovered someone else attractive.

But all of us could find someone appealing while walking down the street.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean act just like you can’t appreciate anyone else on the planet and that you have to cover your eyes.
Asking the right questions to improve intimacy in a relationship

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you cease speaking to the opposite sex or need to change yourself overnight.

As long as you are truthful to them and value your lover, be it about a secret crush or a flirty conversation with another person, it’ll remove all traces of insecurity in the relationship and bring both of you nearer.

Remember this, frustrations and insecurities in a relationship crop up more frequently than when you’re truthful when you’re secretive.

The perfect would you rather questions

With several entertaining would you rather questions, you may be familiar, but perhaps you have ever imagined using them to better your relationship? Well, by utilizing the right questions, both comprehend each other’s wants and of you can investigate your sexual minds and desires that are sexual a lot better.

The next time you’re playing with a game of would you rather questions, instead of asking routine questions that make them laugh or may gross income out your partner, ask questions that are enjoyable and sexy, and yet, very revealing about their approach towards sex and relationships.

As long as you have a laugh with each question that is new, and keep the atmosphere light and simple, you’ll understand more about your lover’s sexual side inside the next fifteen minutes than you understand before!

You can even utilize the replies to fantasize in bed with your lover afterwards. Both of you may turn on a lot more, while making out if these questions are prolonged by you, and both of you may comprehend each other’s sexual side a good deal more also.

Either means, your sex life will get better, your relationship will feel more protected, and both of you may feel more connected and a lot closer.

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#3 Would you read an erotic novel out loud while touching each other or rather watch porn?

#4 Would you rather be an occasional flasher and discreetly showcase your own body to an appealing neighbor, when they’re undressing or a voyeur who peeps at an alluring neighbor?

#5 Would the lights off or you rather have sex with the lights on?

#6 Would you bring another person of your gender into bed with us or rather cheat on me?

#7 If you had the choice, can you rather have morning sex or night sex?

#8 Would you rather pay for sex or get?

#9 Would you rather give an oral or get an oral?

#10 Would you rather have sex while someone alluring is watching you, or would you intend to observe someone have sex before you?

#11 Would you rather be having sex?

So you are able to see them #12 Would you rather kiss an appealing individual when they’re intoxicated with you, or wait until they’re absolutely wasted?

#13 Would you rather have sex with me in front of your closest friends or circulate our home made sex video online with our faces blurred?

#15 Would you kiss them unintentionally or rather place a camera that is hidden within an appealing friend’s bathroom?
Being a man, would you rather have anal sex with another guy or get a blow job from a different guy?

#18 Would you rather have period sex or a golden shower in which you let me pee you over?

#19 Would you rather abstain from having sex with me for one full year because you’ve been cursed by way of a magic spell, or would you have sex with five other people to break the hex and resume having sex with me? Name the five individuals you’d have sex with if you choose to break the spell.

#20 If you were not visible for a whole day, can you rather grab booties or grab boobs of girls that are haphazard / rubbish or bottoms of random men?

Can you rather give up on a promotion or ask me to sleep with your supervisor to get the promotion?

#22 Would you rather get an astonishing oral from me or would you favor this weekend to sex that is good?

#23 Would you rather test out new and crazy kinky sex ideas or have amorous sex?

#24 If you were single, would you rather have one sex pal or multiple sex partners?

#25 If you are in possession of a perfect first date with someone and the sexual chemistry is sizzling, could you rather stop a date using would you like to stop a first date with sex or a passionate kiss?

#26 Would you rather see girl on girl porn or guy on guy porn to turn yourself on?

#27 Would you rather go down on me for two hours directly or give your puppy love a fast kiss on the lips?

#28 Would you rather have sex with your best friend or my closest friend *of the other sex*?

#29 When we’re having sex, would you rather talk about your secret crush with me or fantasize about it secretly in your head?

#30 In The Event That you get a massage in a secluded room and no one could see you, would you rather get it from an average looking man of the other gender who discreetly brushes their hands around your privates quite frequently, or a really appealing person whose hands don’t go anywhere near your shorts?

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